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Best Enterprise Product


CAPPS SOLUTIONS is a local IT company that provides custom IT application solution services to meet our clients’ business IT needs. CAPPS SOLUTIONS team is based in Singapore. We have a varied client profile, with majority of clients coming from established small, medium enterprises (SME) in the construction and engineering industries. Other industries we have worked with include marine, insurance, electronics, human resource, retail, telecommunications and government/public sector. CAPPS SOLUTIONS’ vision is to inspire and enable all SMEs to adopt the right information technology solutions to the benefit of all levels of the business hierarchy.


Project: PayAdvisorMobile

PayAdvisorMobile brings technology to the ground where it has impacted thousands of workers. PayAdvisorMobile is a highly flexible and adaptable cloud mobile time attendance and web payroll management solution which has been adopted by numerous companies in Singapore.


PayAdvisorMobile solves the common laborious method using paper time cards and manual salary computation to track and compensate workers for their work hours. Information in PayAdvisorMobile is available real-time.


PayAdvisorMobile has proven to reduce more than 50% of the time taken to collate and compute attendance and salary when compared with the traditional manual paper way. HR is able to obtain real-time attendance, overtime hours, salary & project labour cost with PayAdvisorMobile.


PayAdvisorMobile was also featured in The Straits Times in February 2014 as an effective cloud based web and mobile solution that is useful to many companies in Singapore.


DataSpark Pte Ltd

DataSpark PTE. LTD. (DataSpark) is a newly incorporated entity owned by SingTel which leverages location analytics to derive mobility patterns and customer insights, thereby enabling smarter decision-making by businesses.


Our in-house Data Science team consists of more than 10 data scientists with Doctorates. All the R&D and software engineering efforts are based in Singapore.


Since 2013, DataSpark has established joint research collaboration with research institutes such as A*STAR’s I2R and MIT to develop advanced data analytics enabling innovative, personalised and relevant information/services to mobile users.  


Project: DataSpark GeoAnalytics Platform

Over the last 2 years, SingTel’s in-house data scientists have been researching and developing patent-pending algorithms and technological methods to process raw mobile data in real time, transforming the unstructured data into actionable insights. The effort culminated in the setup of a new SingTel fully-owned subsidiary called DataSpark Pte Ltd. 


DataSpark harnesses this rich and continuous data in a safe and secure manner, to help businesses: 

  • Reach customers where they are, not where they think they are;
  • Find out where the crowds go and when, including their home/work locations;
  • See in-depth profiles, not just numbers of people;
  • Discover the patterns in customer location behaviour, creating useful segments such as Business travellers, Social Butterflies and Home Movers.

DataSpark turns massive amounts of location information into clear insights, presented on a user-friendly GeoAnalytics dashboard, while being strictly compliant to privacy laws.

HRBoss Pte Ltd

HRBoss is Asia’s leading Cloud provider of data-driven software for HR and Staffing. Part of Singapore’s vibrant tech start-up scene, we are the only home-grown tech company offering enterprise-grade Big Data SaaS platforms globally.


Trusted by governments & companies from all industries, our clients include EDB, SingTel & Changi Airport Group.


We are rapidly expanding, with offices currently open in 7 countries and due to launch in California in Q4 of 2014. HRBoss HQ is in Singapore


Project: EmployeeBoss

EmployeeBoss is a workforce Big Data platform that delivers self-serve analytics and predictive modelling to the C-suite. It empowers business leaders to execute on fact-based operational decisions, boost employee productivity, increase retention & add $ to the bottom line.


A turnkey Cloud-based subscription solution, EmployeeBoss delivers workforce insights via an intuitive & highly-visual platform. Notably, it showcases the world’s first dynamic HTML 5 (mobile optimized) org chart which displays the employee landscape in new ways.


Market need: HR Departments use many workforce-related systems (HRIS/Payroll, etc) but these remain disconnected. Being unable to aggregate this employee data, reporting is inefficient and costly.


The Solution: Our customers point EmployeeBoss at their data, including core HRIS, SAP and ERP through to spreadsheets, and it immediately starts collecting & indexing - so they can visualise, mash up & report on any workforce information.


EmployeeBoss is an award-winning native SaaS solution, developed and supported in Singapore.

MatchMove Global Pte Ltd

MatchMove is a Singapore-based digital entertainment and social enterprise solution provider that helps online businesses increase revenue, user engagement and loyalty through the strategic use of gamification, social networking and mobile commerce platforms. We have worked with some of the biggest names in the region such as Yahoo, Starhub, Resorts World Genting, TV3, Kompas, Okezone, Voice of Vietnam and more.


Project: MatchMove Wallet

500M+ ‘uncarded’ smartphone users in emerging countries are connecting daily to the internet but cannot make basic purchases online: credit card penetration in these countries is as low as 2% yet banks/credit card companies do not/cannot issue them cards because of credit/financial regulations. Cumbersome bank transfers, COD or voucher redemption for cash make online shopping very difficult. Anyone with a smartphone can get a MatchMove Wallet (www.mmvpay.com) and shop using prepaid virtual cards. The cards can be used like regular credit cards for online shopping. Accounts are loaded via ATMs, bank accounts, from other local in-country methods, or via transfers from friends/family overseas. There are no credit checks/income requirements, making it available for a large and growing base of potential users. Our system is secure and PCI-DSS certified. We bring the acceptance and security of credit card technology to the ‘uncarded’ populations in the largest growing economies of the world.

Ohanae Pte Ltd


Ohanae believes the current cloud-first, mobile-first era requires consumers and enterprises to adopt the discipline of Trust No One, Encrypt Everything!  Every day BYOD and cloud-based file synchronization & sharing brings new opportunities for those who would steal data and login credentials.  Ohanae delivers comprehensive cloud privacy protection by securing your data in the cloud, and your credentials to access that data.  Unlike anyone else, Ohanae takes this two-prong approach to fully secure your data. We protect both your credentials and your data through zero knowledge encryption. Ohanae’s patent-pending technology ensures that passwords and encryption keys are not stored anywhere but rather are dynamically created and erased locally.


Project: Ohanae Cloud Privacy Protection


Ohanae delivers comprehensive cloud privacy protection. Unlike anyone else, Ohanae protects both your data in the cloud and the credentials used to access that data. In today’s business environment with widespread BYOD and cloud file sync and share adoption, it’s imperative to trust no one and encrypt everything. Through patent pending technology, Ohanae ensures passwords and encryption keys are never stored anywhere. The Ohanae solution provides standards-based security, is easy to install and use without any disruption to your normal workflows, and supports widely used desktop, laptop, and mobile platforms. Users can download the Ohanae app for free for any device.  It’s easy, it’s powerful, and it’s here!


POKET Private Limited

POKET Private Limited is an award winning Singapore technology firm. Our forte is on mobile and web development, and we go beyond conventional solutions. POKET has invested over 1 million on its in-house research and developments. Patent invents a SPE technology and patent has been filed.  


POKET clients are in industry such as Food and Beverages, Hotels, Cinemas, Educational Institutions, and Retail. POKET also has distributors in 7 countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Iraq selling this Singapore-made technology to their local clientele. 


Project: POKET Enterprise Solution


POKET invents and innovates mobile solution for businesses use. POKET enterprise solution can help companies to increase productivity so that companies can continue to perform effectively even with today’s manpower shortage problem.


POKET enterprise solutions has wide range of mobile business solution such as:

  • Mobile CRM
  • Mobile Loyalty and Rewards
  • Mobile Vouchers
  • Mobile Tickets
  • Mobile Stored Value Card
  • Mobile Menu
  • Mobile Self-Checkout
  • Mobile Nearby Promotion
  • Mobile Ordering and Delivery

Rainmaker Labs

We are a 3 year-old leading technology startup speciaised in BLE(ep) iBeacon Technology, CRM & Loyalty, and  custom mobile and web applications.


By also providing mobility consultation, services and enterprise solutions to our clients, the company is leading the way businesses leverages on technology to interact with people, customers, partners and even machines.


As a young company, we have exhibited tremendous high growth rate as reflected in our strong and steady flow of revenues. With a strong customer base, the conservative estimate of revenue is $3.5m based on organic growth for the financial year of 2014.


Project: BLE(ep) iBeacon Technology

BLE(ep) iBeacon Technology: BLE(ep) helps businesses to interact with customers, market their products, and achieve effective maximum marketing ROI. BLE(ep) iBeacon Techology is used by 200 clients worldwide, have already sold more than 8,000 beacons and called over 1,000,000 APIs.




V3 Teletech Pte Ltd

Founded in 2002, a spin off concept of National Track and Trace, from Singapore’s state, Temasek-link Angel Technology fund Investment Company and became an associate company of Gemalto in 2005, V3 Teletech bags with vast experiences in provisioning leading innovative mobility solutions and technology for Intelligent Transport Optimization and Scheduling Applications, comprehensive Taxi Management System for the 2nd largest Taxi Operator in Singapore, largest proven SaaS Cloud system for Asset Management and Resource Scheduling under the brand V3NITY for various vertical industries, EPS Carpark application. V3 is now in the road map for productivity Cloud Robotics application development.


Project: V3 Cloud Robotics

Designed with cleaning industry in mind, V3 Cloud Robotics (patent pending) conceptualized “intelligence” fitted onto any autonomous machinery, can be efficiently programmed wirelessly for scheduled cleaning tasks not limited to sweeper, vacuum, scrubbers etc. Key benefits for this would be driverless mode option to kick-in with a pre-planned cleaning route inclusive of exceptional site condition and pre-set sequential cleaning workflows which the in-built memory would register through a one-time routing initialization.


This brain is also equipped with an onboard 360® views camera and a sensor where it sets to record images, objects-collision prevention manoeuvre to be facilitated for tasks record retrievals and further analysis of route re-work inclusive of re-scrubbing of stubborn stains or extra cleaning liquid etc.


Its ease of cloud deployment also allows concurrent machineries to be programmed for differing timing schedules and frequency to maintain the high service standard without worry of escalating manpower cost.